Wildlife Conservation


Wildlife is vital to human life because it is the animals and the ecosystem that sustain life in the earth. Canada has a high diversity of wildlife which can be found in its green and lush forests.

However, in the recent past, there has a massive decline in the flora and fauna of wildlife in Canada. The decline can be attributed to the effects of human activities. Man has become more innovative as the years have gone by. These innovations have led to the establishment of several industries which are increasingly polluting the air, soil, and water. Wildlife die when they come into contact with the various contaminants in water, air or the soil. This has led to a number of animal species becoming extinct and they are slowly moving into extinction.

The threat of extinction has led to a growing concern among animal lovers and nature enthusiasts. And they should not be the only ones who are worried. All of us benefit from wildlife and to some extent depend on them. They are a source of food and provide medicines to a number of ailments. We also depend on the habitat of wildlife for clean and fresh water. Wildlife maintain the balance in the ecosystem and without them, the functioning of nature would be severely crippled. That is why in the recent past there have been efforts to see that there is increased awareness about the importance of conserving wildlife and their habitats. 

There have been several laws which have been formulated and passed by policy makers. These laws are aimed at compelling people to conserve wildlife and punishing those that carelessly handle wildlife. There have also been efforts to involve local communities and reward them for their efforts in helping in wildlife conservation.

Organizations like https://www.facebook.com/MountainWildernessInternational/ with a keen interest in wildlife and wilderness conservation have cropped up to support these conservation efforts. They get funding from people who are passionate about protecting wildlife and they dedicate their time and efforts in research and implementing laws which are already in place. These organizations also employ staff who have been well trained in wildlife conservation to support their efforts and achieve the goal of seeing that wildlife numbers increase and that wildlife species that are in danger of extinction are protected. This will ensure that the next generation can enjoy the benefits of a balanced ecosystem through preservation of these endangered species. Therefore, conservation does not only benefit us but also the generations that will come after us. It is vital to support and encourage these organizations that are heavily involved in wildlife conservation so visit http://conservancy.bc.ca/tag/wilderness-international-canada/..